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Hourly Charters

Hourly Charters

Whatever your needs, our customer-directed hourly service places a chauffeur at your disposal, for as long as you require. Whether you are off to a meeting, out for the evening, need a car and driver for a few hours or the entire day, Prestige Premier Group, Inc. will be standing by to meet your needs. “Meet & Greet” service is included, exclusive use of a personal driver, with vehicle on standby at your call while you attend an event such as a meeting or concert.



Transfer service must be booked at least 72 hours (by email) or 48 hours (by phone) in advance of your travel date. Confirmation for this service will be received within 24 hours of booking by email; bookings subject to availability.

Most of the time we can accommodate you, at no extra charge for immediate service within thirty (45) minutes (for pick-up locations within the city area), which may be subject to availability of vehicle at that point of time.

The model of vehicle used may vary depending on your specific travel date and the number of passengers in the vehicle; please check Prestige Premier Group, Inc.’s Fleet for your specific requirements.

Traveling with Children

Infant Car seats arenot provided in the vehicles. If your child requires an infant car seat, please bring one for the trip. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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